Chemistry of being world class

Chemistry of being world class

At Hetero we are continually scaling new heights and achieving greater milestones. Our success is the result of concerted efforts across the whole organisation to perform world class, industry leading work. 


Since our establishment in 1993, our core values have centred around a commitment to consistently and excellently deliver and make easily available affordable drugs of the highest quality.

High standards and adherence to worldwide regulatory guidelines have always been part of the HETERO tradition. Our 18 manufacturing facilities comply with cGMP and global standards for infrastructure and systems, the majority of these being approved by internationally recognised regulatory authorities such as USFDA, WHO, TGA (Australia), ANVISA (Brazil), and several European agencies 


As one of the leading international suppliers we currently hold a comprehensive portfolio of over 200 products from a wide range of therapeutic categories. Our model of vertical integration cost-effectively joins the areas of discovery research, process chemistry, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturing, formulation development, finished dosage forms manufacturing, supply and commercialisation.

All stages are carried out at our state-of-the-art facilities in India and released in Europe, meaning we can profit from the combination of European proximity and Indian manufacturing competitiveness. Furthermore, from the European headquarters in Barcelona we offer partners the possibility of:

  • licensing eCTD-dossiers
  • full regulatory support with European submissions-national, MRP or DCP
  • supply of the finished dosage forms

Truly a "full service package". As a result our products are successful and profitable, helping to ensure both HETERO's and our partner's success and future survival in the marketplace. 


At HETERO we employ over 6000 people across the globe. By applying our full-scale marketing resources across this network we are able to market our products directly or through partners to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Our commitment and investment into manufacturing facilities and capabilities is always increasing. Proof of this can be seen in our recent inauguration of one of India's largest finished dosage manufacturing facilities. Featuring a total unit area of 75 acres and with two manufacturing plants, this facility offers an annual production capacity of 18 billion tablets and capsules. It has a dedicated oncology facility with a production capacity of 200 million tablets and capsules, 15 million liquid injectable vials, and 15 million lyophilised injectables.

Furthermore, this world-class facility meets the cGMP and regulatory requirements and boasts an integrated quality management system. All quality control instruments are 21-CFR compliant and the production facility features state-of-the-art equipment such as walk-in type stability chambers, a Honeywell Integrated building management system, a VirTis Lyophilizer and a BOSCH Liquid Filling Machine.