Chemistry of complete solutions

Chemistry of complete solutions

As a socially responsible organisation, at HETERO we recognise and value the obligations we have towards society as a whole. We constantly strive to use our expertise to transform or improve the lives of the less privileged, whilst at the same time ensuring that our work methods and policies benefit our employees as well as the external environment. 


HETERO undertakes a number of initiatives in less privileged countries, including the adaptation of rural villages to encourage more rapid development. We assist in setting up schools in areas with no or limited access to education facilities and help students who show academic promise reach their goals through financial assistance. There is also sponsorship available for athletes from various educational institutions so they can participate in both national and international high-level sports events.

In socially backward areas HETERO conducts periodical medical camps at various locations to provide timely medical assistance to those in need. We have liberally donated medicines to the Government of India, and also to various hospitals and non-profit organisations such as the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) to whom we provide antiretroviral and antiviral drugs. 


Global pollution is a growing problem but with modern manufacturing techniques it is possible to make better use of scarce resources and limit the environmental burden. For the sake of future generations, HETERO has assumed its responsibilities by enhancing our environmental awareness, optimising our entire production including the critical areas of power management, waste treatment and water supply management. 


The safety of each individual in the workplace is a top priority for HETERO, clearly demonstrated by the stringent safety standards enforced in all of our manufacturing facilities. In order to eliminate the risk of accidents or exposure to potentially harmful substances we have a number of processes in place, for example the compulsory use of clean-air suits and the provision of additional protection for female employees.

For a company that prides itself on employing top-skilled staff, the workplace environment is also of crucial importance. HETERO provides its employees with benefits such as an attractive workplace in green surroundings, complimentary healthy meal plans and a health care scheme that contributes to their daily wellbeing and motivation.